Arturo Fuente – Flor Fina 8-5-8

I have to start with my first post about the 858.  The reason that I must do this is that, to date, this is my favorite cigar.  I generally smoke the natural wrapper, 47×6; but recently I have found a maduro wrapper in the same cigar.  Perhaps I have had a maduro before, but I honestly can’t remember.

The first time I smoked this masterpiece was about 4 years ago, and frankly it was while I was driving on a 2-hour road trip to my deer lease.  It was the smoothest, most savoring flavor of cigar I had ever experienced and I couldn’t wait to purchase and smoke another.  The smoke flavor was unlike a “smokey” cigar and more like a unique flavoring, but it wasn’t anything like Vanilla or something cheap.  It is really hard to describe, honestly.  I just know that I loved it.

Since then I have smoked several, but somehow none of them have been quite as good as that first one, although they are still tasty.  A. Fuente, with all their different makes, is always a good smoke.  Not fabulous, but very good.  The 8-5-8- takes the cake, to date.

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