Arturo Fuente – Cuban Belicoso Sun Grown

I smoked this 6×50 cigar in Florida last weekend at the recommendation of the shop owner where we were. I wished that I remember the name of it and I would link it to this post. It was a nice sports-bar type atmosphere, with a good sized walk-in humidor and a good selection of cigars. Their prices were fair, not the best I have ever seen, but not the highest either.

I smoked this Fuente torpedo right after buying it, for a smooth, even-burning taste and temperature. I didn’t really think there was anything special about the flavor, it was simply a good smoke, as Fuentes usually are. It bunred nicely, slowly and evenly and lasted a good 30-45 minutes, the perfect amount of time to enjoy a yuengling beer along with it.

I would rate this cigar as a solid B.

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