Don Diego Robusto

I haven’t smoked one of these hard-to-find cigars in a few years. The first one I smoked, a friend of mine gave me one time when I was over at his house. That was somewhere in the late ’90s. And since I have started taking more of an interest in cigars lately, I remembered the brand name and have been looking for these. The only place that I have found them, to date, is a shop in Coppell called Cigar World.

This smoke started out with the smooth and mild taste that I remembered, but it quickly turned hot after the first few puffs. The heat lasted for about an inch of the cigar, then it went away, leaving behind a smooth and smoky taste like I remembered. The remainder of the smoke stayed constant and I smoked it down to the very nub, savoring the entire cigar. It wasn’t real spicy or woodsy tasting, just a plain, good cigar. The Robusto variety measured 5×50 and was very well priced at $3.50. I found a good-priced place online to get them in more variety for an even lower price. Visit JR Cigars

I rate this cigar at an A- for its mild smooth taste and long-lasting freshness till the very end. The hot-burn at the beginning was a disappointment, but that didn’t last long and I am glad I re-tried this old favorite of mine.

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