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I went to New York last weekend and when I got to the hotel I grabbed the phone book and looked up cigar shops.  And this phone book was for only Manhattan.  It listed about 27 cigar shops… much nicer than here in town, more variety.  I only had time to visit a couple of them since I was only there for a weekend, so I chose DP Cigars, which advertised themselves in the phone book as having Cuban Cigars, and I also had time to visit JR Cigars.  I wasn’t aware that JR Cigars had a store front, but they do and they advertise themselves as “the world’s largest cigar store”.  This was definitely the largest that I had ever been to and I can see why they advertise themselves this way.  The entire store is a large humidor, so it is very humid and sticky and cold in there and it doesn’t smell of smoke at all.  I didn’t think their selection was all that great, they did have alot of cigars, but there were several brands that they didn’t even carry, which I thought was strange.  Among those were Oliva and Arture Fuente.

Anyway, back to the DP Cigars, what DP does is that they Cuban tobacco seeds  and plant them in Nicaragua.  Then after the tobacco matures it is shipped to their shop in New York where they hand-roll it themselves.  So obviously I wanted to try something that was so unique and found only in one place.  I bought 4 cigars, the Mini Robusto, Robusto, Churchill and Pravada #1.

They offered 3 different wrappers; a Dark, a Samatra and a Classic.  The classic was the light Cameroo, Samatra was like a medium or Sun-Grown wrapper and the Dark was a Maduro.  I didn’t buy any of the Classics, but I got some of each of the other two.

Two nights ago I smoked the Mini Robusto Samatra wrapper.  It measured about 4.75×50 and had a curly-tail on the back end of it.  It started smooth and it ended smooth and was never hot at all.  The flavor was only average, not spicy, not much flavor other than just good smoke.  I’ll be interested to see how the others taste, I am hoping for a little more flavor, but the eveness and the temperature  of this first one was quite good.  I’ll probably call and order some more of them if they turn out to be really good smoke, more to come later…

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  1. nycstogie says:

    It sounded like you liked the old fashioned curly tail robusto.
    I was shocked when you said it wasnt spicy.I have smoked their fine cigars for over 10 years . I found the
    Premium and the
    Illusion Sizes both Maduro to be Cinnamon hint ,with chocolate tones thru out.
    and great for around 3$.

    Just my observations in general
    The Miniature 5 packs have great flavor as well and have the curly tail of which you speak.
    I usually buy the curly tail rubustos in 4 packs.Always like them and have had a great kick. Havent got them in a few months tho.
    I am gonna have a pyrimad in a few minutes I think.
    DP cigars aka pb cuba I think has the Best value cigars in NYC, and never are too heady or rather heavy on my stomach.


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