Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles, Red Band

“Blended in the style of the flavorful yet Medium Bodied Cuban Cigars.
Cigars are rolled in Nicaragua using select Nicaraguan tobaccos and classic cuban blending with a beautiful Cuban triple-cap. ”

I smoked this little treat last weekend at Hideaway Harbor. After this one, I think I am going to have to update my Top 5 Favorites.

This smoke started smooth and never lost smoothness all the way to the end. It had a earthy, woodsy taste to it and was just an incredible smoke. It wasn’t ever hot or harsh. I’d have to rate this cigar at a solid A because it was so good. It cost $7.60 where I bought it, but since then I have found it for $7 at another store. I’ll be picking some more of these up again and am anxious to try the other sizes.

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  1. […] Tatuaje Havana VI, Nobles – The Nobles is the specific vitola in my post here, but all of the Havana VI Red Label line sticks are quite good.  I think it has been too long since I had one of these, actually, so I might need to make a trip to the Cigar Store today. […]

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