Arturo Fuente Canones

During our weekly poker game I often smoke 1 or 2 cigars, and since I have been wanting to try this cigar for a long time so I bought one this week before the game.
This cigar was an extremely excellent smoke.  You wouldn’t expect a cigar so long, measuring 8.5×52, to be hot at all and it wasn’t.  However at the same time you would think that the draw might be a bit tough, but it wasn’t.  It burned smooth, even, cool and had a very easy draw, especially for it’s size.

I lit it around 7pm and when the game ended shortly after 10pm it will still going, having about 3-4 inches left to burn.  It was just about the perfect size and length for a 3-4 hours game.  Next time I will probably light it about 30-60 minutes earlier.

Most places are getting $7.50-$8.50 for this cigar, but I found a place here locally that sells them for $6 flat.  A GREAT price for this long-lasting bad boy.

Once again, Fuente makes a good cigar that I completely enjoyed and I believe that I actually liked this one better than the Flor Fina 858 which has been my previous, to date.  I rate it at a solid A.

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