Padron 7000, Natural

This was a big sucker, measuring 6 ¼ X 60 – I smoked it at the weekly poker game last night and it lasted for a while.  I recently reviewed the A. Fuente Canones as a larger cigar that was good to smoke at a poker game and I liked this one better than the Padron.  This Padron, in my opinion, was just too big of a ring-gauge.  It started kinda of bland and gained a good taste that I am used to with Padron about 1/5 of the way into the cigar, so I was happy with that.  However, the cigar started to get a little hotter towards the last 1/3, so I wasn’t real impressed.

Compared to the Padron 2000, which I really like, I don’t think the 7000 is worth the extra cash, even with the extra size.  I guess that it was just too large of a ring gauge for me.  I rate this at a C+ and will probably just stick with the 2000 and 4000 series.

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