Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Toro, Maduro

Super Fuerte means super strong, and this cigar was definitely strong.  It started somewhat bitter, though not too much, and was full of smoke and a hearty, maduro full-flavor.  This Vitola measures 6×52 and are hand-made in Honduras, with filler from Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  It burned quite evenly.  About 1/5 of the way into the cigar, the bitterness went away and I got just a very deep, dark, maduro mouth full of smoke.

Frankly this smoke was a little heavy for me.  I like Maduro cigars most of the time, but this was just a little too much.  I am very interested to try their Natural wrapper cigar because the flavor of the Maduro was quite nice, just a tad too strong for my tastes.  I’d rate this smoke at a B+.

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