Oliveros International Churchill

January 2008 was the first month of our new Cigar Club, Stogie Ninja Society.  This month was Judge’s month and he chose a sampler pack of Oliveros cigars from Cigar International.

Tonight I smoked the Oliveros International Churchill.  This smoke measures 7.0″ x 50 and it’s blend employs a mixture of 100% Cuban-seed long-fillers from the Dominican Republic.  The smoke started out a bit spicy and bitter, but very quickly turned into a great, woodsy tasting smokes.  The smoke was very smooth with a terrific draw and plenty of smoke.  It lasted for about an hour and smoked good all the way down to the nub.  It did tend to get a little hot at the very end, but I wasn’t disappointed because I didn’t expect it to taste quite this good.  I am looking on CigarBid right now, trying to find more of these cigars because I liked this one so much.  I’d recommend this cigar to people who are new to smoking and also those who have been into cigars for as long as I have, about 2 year.

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