Gurkha Black Puro, Toro

This was a fantastic smoke.

Crafted from aged Cuban-seed long-fillers from the Dominican Republic’s Cibao Valley and cloaked by a chewy, 5-year-old wrapper leaf.  A solid, slow burning, medium to full-bodied cigar layered with bold but subdued flavors.

I tasted hints of chocolate and coffee with this cigar.  The draw was perfect, but it didn’t have too much smoke.  The taste was phenomenal. The cigar lasted for well over an hour.  The wrapper was perfect, didn’t unravel and the consistency was perfect.  I smoked this one all the way down to the nub to where it burned my fingers before it ever got hot to the taste.  I will look forward to getting and smoking one of these again.

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  1. I see you like gurkha cigars. Great choice. I’ve never met a gurkha I didn’t like. These are also one of my favorites along with the Vintage Shaggys. Great review.

  2. admin says:

    I have found that I don’t like Gurkhas as much as some other folks. THIS cigar was great, and I liked the Signature 101, but some of the others I have smoked, I have found lacking. I am not finished trying them, though.

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