Camacho Havana, Non-production

Many times for Labor Day we will take a trip down to Galveston TX to spend the weekend with family.  This was the activites for this weekend, so when we got into town, I asked my wife to lookup any local cigar shops and she was able to find Hava Cigar Shop on her  Blackberry.

We stopped by here on the way out of town yesterday and I asked my normal question that I do when in a new shop, “What do you guys have that no one else does?”  The tobaconist there was most helpful and took me into the back where they stored some cigars in a humidor that wasn’t for the public.  He showed me some Camacho cigars that he said the owners of the shop picked up from traveling to the Camacho factory and these cigars were the ones that were new, non-production blends, ones that didn’t make it into standard production, but were tested for production and then later changed in some way.  I picked up 3 different vitolas and smoked the first one as soon as I got home.

The cigar started rather bitter, but I have noticed that many cigars do, especially ones that I am not famliar with, maybe it is some kind of mental thing.  I pufed through the first bit of the cigar, and the flavor developed into a smoky, peppery flavor, with a hint of cream.  The pepper as quite strong and always present, but I didn’t believe it to be over abundant.  The smoke was cool and there was plenty of it, I continued retro-hailing the smoke all the way down to the nub and it never got hot at all.  The flavor remained constant pepper throughout the entire smoke.  Pepper isn’t really one of my favorite cigar flavors, but this was a really good cigar.  I might have to call the shop and have them ship me some more, but I need to smoke the other 2 first 😉

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