Hoyo de Monterrey, Hoyo de Tradicion, Toro

Two friends and I each picked up this cigar last night and smoked them after dinner, so that we could taste compare and try something new, both at the same time. The cigar was advertised to have tastes of Cedar and Coffee.

My cigar started very dry. It burned incredibly even and had plenty of smoke, but the taste didn’t start all that great. However, about 10% into it, it developed a slight coffee flavor and the dryness dissipated. The dryness did not return and the hits of coffee came-and-went during the entire course of the cigar. The burn remained even, and ash very white, and I never had to re-light it at all.

The quality of this smoke was quite good, but I didn’t care for the taste all that much, and I didn’t like the dryness at all. A good smoke experience, but not one that I would look for again in the store.

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