Sam Adams Winter Brew

Yes, I am going to start blogging about beer also.  Those who know me, know that I am more of a beer connoisseur over wine, anyway.  So why resist the inevitable?

First, I have never been a huge fan of Sam Adams.  I find their Boston Lager to be rather bitter and harsh, and a bit darker than my tastes prefer.  That’s just me, I generally enjoy a lighter taste like a Lager or Pilsner, over a Stout or Bach, but of course there are exceptions.

So I grabbed this 6-pack today in hopes that it would be like the Sam Adams White Ale, but it isn’t.  However, I still think the taste is pretty good.  It does start off with a somewhat bitter Sam Adams bite, but not one that is over-powering.  After a few sips it develops into a nice taste with hints of dark wheat and “winter sprices” according to the bottle.  Not sure what “winter spices” are, but it does have a nice dark wheat taste to it.  However, so far, the White Ale is my favorite.  I will be blogging about that one later.

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