Island Prince Kahaui Cigar; Momona, Light

We are visiting the island of Kahaui on a vacation to Hawaii this week, and of course I had to find a local cigar to try.

Everything is so expensive here.  The first cigar shop I went into had these local cigars for $11-$14 per stick.  I thought this was a bit high, but then I looked and saw some Padron 2000 and 4000 series for around $12 and a stick, and a Opex X Fuente Fuente for $42.  All of these were about double what you would pay for them in Dallas, so I figured the Kahauian Cigar was about a $6 smoke.

I visited a couple of other cigar shops before returning to the original one to buy the cigar I wanted.  Most other shops were around the same price, but had less selection than the first one, so I acquiesced to paying $11 for a stick.  I only bought 2 sticks, 1 Light and 1 Maduro because of the price but also because I wanted to try them and didn’t know when I would be back here.

I lit up the Lighter of the 2 last night and smoked it all the way down.  The draw was very good, the quality of the cigar held together, and it had plenty of smoke.  The taste was somewhat lacking.. I did taste hints of cream and possible some nutty flavors, but the flavors were really the weakest part of the whole experience.  Now this was just the Light version, so I am interested to try the Maduro, but this isn’t what I would call a well-priced cigar.

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