Havana Mix Cigar Emporium, Memphis

This weekend we took a trip to Memphis, so I looked up a few cigar shops. The first one I found was the Memphis Tobacco Bowl, which was the closest one to my hotel.  We walked down to the address listed on Google and the place was closed up.  Just a few blocks down from there was the next place on Google, called Havana Mix Cigar Emporium.

From the street, the shop looked more like one of those “smoke shops” with the bong pipes, cloves cigarettes and incense.  It had several lighted signs in the windows, and some advertisements from companies that you wouldn’t normally see in a Cigar Pub.  So I wasn’t very impressed by the curb appeal.

However, once inside, it was quite a nice atmosphere.  They had a walk-in humidor, some high tables with barstool-type chairs, a couple of vinyl couches and several matching chairs, and a table with more nice chairs around it.  At the end of the room there was a plasma TV hanging on the wall.

I grabbed a couple of  local cigars from them which I will be reviewing later on this blog.

I am somewhat surprised at the lack of  cigar shops in the downtown Memphis area.  Havana Mix seems to be a good hang-out spot, though.  It could deter an Aficionado that might come through the area, but once inside I am sure it is quite a nice place to lounge.  I might have to try and run back in there tonight and see what the nightlife is like.

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