Tobacconist Reviews

I enjoy visiting Cigar Shops when I am out of town on vacation or traveling for work, so my desire is to try and visit as many as I can, when I travel, and log those reviews here as well. I might even make a few road trips designated specifically for that purpose :) Read more »

Romeo Y Julieta Aniversario – Robusto

Today I picked this cigar out of my humidor which I had purchased some time ago.  I wanted a shorter smoke so this Robusto seemed like a good choice.  The smoke started lighter than I expected and was smooth and peppery.  I tasted hints of leather, but not much else.  This smoke is what I […] Read more »

Sam Adams Summer Ale

This is one of Sam Adams’ seasonal beers that they only release during certain times of the year.  As the name suggests, you can only purchase this beer in the summer. As pictured, the beer is a nice amber color, on the lighter side than many of Sam Adams’ other flavors.  It has a light […] Read more »

5 Vegas Relic – Perfecto

This cigar was my 2nd to smoke in the 5-pack. It started spicy like the previous one and mellowed somewhat after a while, but it remained spicy during the whole smoke. It had plenty of smoke, but it didn't stay lit very well towards the end, I had to relight it several times before I finally put it down. Read more »

Island Prince Kahaui Cigar; Momona, Light

We are visiting the island of Kahaui on a vacation to Hawaii this week, and of course I had to find a local cigar to try. Everything is so expensive here.  The first cigar shop I went into had these local cigars for $11-$14 per stick.  I thought this was a bit high, but then […] Read more »

Nub 466 Habano

I was pleasantly surprised with this cigar.  Being that it is only about 4″ long, and with a 52 ring gauge, I expected it to get hot quickly, but it never did.  There was plenty of smoke, a nice earthy, maybe leather, flavor and it stay lit very well.  I am planning on picking up […] Read more »

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