Sam Adams Summer Ale

This is one of Sam Adams’ seasonal beers that they only release during certain times of the year.  As the name suggests, you can only purchase this beer in the summer. As pictured, the beer is a nice amber color, on the lighter side than many of Sam Adams’ other flavors.  It has a light […] Read more »

Rogue Ale, Chocolate Stout

First time I have tried this Ale, I found a few bottles on sale at a local  shop, so I picked up 2 or 3 types.  I popped this one open last night.  The term “stout” on the bottle is 100% correct.  This was possibly the darkest beer I have ever had.  There was a […] Read more »

Sam Adams Winter Brew

Yes, I am going to start blogging about beer also.  Those who know me, know that I am more of a beer connoisseur over wine, anyway.  So why resist the inevitable? First, I have never been a huge fan of Sam Adams.  I find their Boston Lager to be rather bitter and harsh, and a […] Read more »