Gurkha Double Maduro

The Gurkha Double Maduro was a Toro-sized vitola that measured 6.0×52.  The stick features a Costa Rican double-maduro leaf that’s dark and oily and soft to the touch.  The smoke started rich and full and finished that was all the way to the nub.  It had plenty of smoke and a taste of leather and […] Read more »

Gurkha Black Puro, Toro

This was a fantastic smoke. Crafted from aged Cuban-seed long-fillers from the Dominican Republic’s Cibao Valley and cloaked by a chewy, 5-year-old wrapper leaf.  A solid, slow burning, medium to full-bodied cigar layered with bold but subdued flavors. I tasted hints of chocolate and coffee with this cigar.  The draw was perfect, but it didn’t […] Read more »

Gurkha Grand Envoy Toro

This is the 2nd Grand Envoy I have smoked.  In this cigar I tasted a “nutty” flavor, perhaps almond or cashew.  The cigar smoked very evenly and stayed lit all the way down to the nub.  The ash was very white, much lighter than the Nepalese Warrior that I smoked previously. I have a couple […] Read more »

Gurkha Signature 101, Maduro

This is my 2nd Gurkha cigar to smoke.  I haven’t bought or smoked these before because, quite frankly, they are too high-priced.  Most B&M’s charge $8-$10 minimum for most Gurkha vitolas.  I picked up a 10-pack of these sticks for $30, so I was quite pleased to get the quality of smoke for such a […] Read more »