San Cristobal Monumento, Maduro

Every since I read the article in this month’s Aficianado Magazine about Don Pepin Garcia and all the different cigars he wraps, I’ve wanted to try one of these San Cristobals. These smokes are wrapped by Don Pepin and produced by Ashton. Click here for some more info on that relationship.
This was a great smoke, just like almost every other Pepin Garcia cigar I have had. It started smooth and ended very smooth, I smoked it down to the very end. It did start to get a little hot towards the end, but it wasn’t too hot to smoke. There was plenty of smoke and the draw was very easy. I rate this cigar at an A-.

Now having said all that, I don’t think that I would smoke this cigar on a regular basis. I’d like to try 1 or 2 more of the Vitolas but frankly after I try them I probably won’t buy any more. They are great smokes, but they taste very similar to the Don Pepin Garcia Black-Label Line or the Tatuajes. And since the San Cristobals are $2-$3 higher than the other 2, I will probably stick with the cheaper ones.

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