Partagas Black Magnifico

I chose this cigar tonight at the Euless Smoke Shop because I hadn’t had a Partagas before and I am still trying new cigars and building my top 10 list. This BLACK cigar measures 6×54 and is quite the maduro.

Overall I was pretty disappointed with this smoke. The draw on it was quite difficult and it didn’t gain much smoke. This stayed true all the way to the end of the cigar. The flavor was nice, not overly thick or robust but it was just hard to smoke. I couldn’t really place the taste, it wasn’t peppery, leathery or earthy or anything specific, but it did taste good. I simply wish it had an easier draw and more smoke.

On the up side, since it wasn’t that harsh it didn’t leave a bad taste or make my stomach twinge. I could have probably smoked two of them, honestly.

I would rate this cigar at a B- because of the hard draw and limited smoke. As stated, the flavor was nice, but it wasn’t at all one of the best smokes I’ve ever had.

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