Gurkha Double Maduro

The Gurkha Double Maduro was a Toro-sized vitola that measured 6.0×52.  The stick features a Costa Rican double-maduro leaf that’s dark and oily and soft to the touch.  The smoke started rich and full and finished that was all the way to the nub.  It had plenty of smoke and a taste of leather and a spice that I believe was nutmeg.

A friend of mine smoked one of these at our weekly poker game and he said that the draw was tough and the taste was bland, but I didn’t find this to be true at all.  I am thinking that he probably got a bad stick that wasn’t stored properly.

I’d be happy to smoke one of these again, it was a good smoke.

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  1. David Morales says:

    Thank You! Great Info!

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