El Mejor Espresso, Churchill

A friend gave me this stick and said that he had smoked one already and couldn’t taste the espresso, but he admitted that he had smoked it right after smoking another vitola, so he didn’t think that he got a good, accurate taste of this cigar.

I lit this one up and could immediately taste espresso and coffee. The flavor was very distinguishable, but not overly strong or overbearing. There was plenty of smoke and th draw was quite nice. The cigar kept going out, however, and I did have to re-light it several times before the end. About the last 1.5″ or so, the smoke started getting hot so I just put it down and gave it up. The flavor before that was quite good and I would smoke another one of these (especially if it is free 😀 ) but I didn’t think that it was a “quality” smoke. I’ve had better quality, although the flavor is what makes this one good.

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  1. nycstogie says:

    what big retailer can I get them?,
    how much did u pay?

  2. admin says:

    As I said in the post, it was given to me by a friend, so I didn’t pay anything. But I believe he bought them at http://www.cigarbid.com

  3. Chief says:

    you can get them at cigars international. Very good choice.

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