Perdomo 10 Year Anniversary, Robusto Champagne

I decided to stop in one of my local cigar stores today and while browsing their selection, I saw the sign below on the Perdomo Cigars.  I do not recall ever smoking a Perdomo before, so I decided to try one based solely on the sign.

Their selection of Perdomos was quite large, they had several lines to choose from and several sizes within each line.  I chose this was because it was a 10th Anniversary Edition, so I was hoping for something a little “extra” in the smoke.

The cigar started off VERY spicy, with a peppery taste that might be overpowering for some.  I like pepper and spice in my foods, and sometimes in my cigars too, but this one seemed a bit much.  As I expected, however; it mellowed some after the first couple of minutes of being lit.  The cigar burned evenly and had a very white ash, the sign of quality tobacco.  The spice flavor remained through the entire smoke, but later I tasted hints of what I thought to be cinnamon.  I couldn’t pickup anymore tastes than this.  One aspect I did enjoy was the amount of smoke, it had a very smooth draw which produced plenty of smoke for me.  I’m interested in trying a few more lines of the Perdomos soon, so keep checking back!


Cigar Details:
Wrapper: Triple fermented Connecticut
Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend
Size: Price: ~$6
Someone else’s review: Beer Review Dude

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