Padron Serie 1926 No. 9

That’s right, I smoked the #1 cigar of 2007 last week.  My friends in my Cigar Herf Club bought me this tasty treat for my birthday last month, so I aged it in the humidor for a couple of weeks and then brought it out to smoke it. The cigar started and ended very smooth.  […] Read more »

Carlos Torano, Casa Torano

I was honestly expecting more from this cigar, since I liked the previous one so much, the 1959 Exodus Silver Edition, Grand Churchill.  This Casa Torano wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t pull any unique flavors from it.  It is probably just my inexperience in tasting, to date.  I liked the smoke, it burned evenly and […] Read more »

Indian Tabac Tomahawk, Corojo

This was our cigar for the February Herf.  It was a very good smoke.  The cigar was light and I tasted hints of vanilla cream, a slight woody taste that I couldn’t really recognize, and towards the end I was tasting a touch of pepper.  The vanilla cream taste lasted through the entire cigar […] Read more »

Gurkha Double Maduro

The Gurkha Double Maduro was a Toro-sized vitola that measured 6.0×52.  The stick features a Costa Rican double-maduro leaf that’s dark and oily and soft to the touch.  The smoke started rich and full and finished that was all the way to the nub.  It had plenty of smoke and a taste of leather and […] Read more »

Indian Tabac, Natural

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte cigars offer a rich, complex-tasting, box-pressed edition with a nutty flavor, extraordinary balance, and no bite. I didn’t taste anything specific in this cigar.  The flavor was good, but I couldn’t really place it.  Perhaps it was nutty, I didn’t taste it all that well.  But I do like the smoke […] Read more »