Ashton VSG Torpedo

Ashton VSG Torpedo, This dark figurado is box pressed and silky. The draw is perfect and the smoke is rich. Meaty, full-bodied flavors have notes of leather and earth. The cigar started smooth and finished smooth, I smoked it all the way down to the nub and it never got too hot.  The cigar gets […] Read more »

San Cristobal Monumento, Maduro

Every since I read the article in this month’s Aficianado Magazine about Don Pepin Garcia and all the different cigars he wraps, I’ve wanted to try one of these San Cristobals. These smokes are wrapped by Don Pepin and produced by Ashton. Click here for some more info on that relationship. This was a great […] Read more »

La Aroma De Cuba Robusto

I smoked this cigar at the recommendation of my brother from this site… This cigar was quite a good smoke.  It was a loosely wrapped cigar that pulled very easily when smoking it.  I thought the flavor was quite nice, but a tad less dense than I was expecting.  It seemed to smoke rather […] Read more »