Alex Bradley Black Market

I’ve actually smoked several of these, but I have never posted about them.  I believe that my #5 slot has been taken by this cigar.

The Black Market is a fantastic smoke by Alec Bradley.  Found many times on the Daily Joe’s Deal, I’ve picked up several 5-packs since last December, which is when I first discovered this smoke.

I tasted some creamy flavors along with an earthy blend.  Hints of a woody taste finishes off the smoke.  It sounds like a common flavor, but the Black Market has a unique taste that I couldn’t quite pinpoint.  I will have to smoke a couple more of them to try and pull out more flavor.

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Sumatra
Filler: Panama, Honduras

Alec Bradley Tempus

After the Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list came out for 2011, and Alec Bradley’s Prensado was #1 on this list, I’ve been wanting to try more of his cigars.  I did purchase and smoke one of the Churchill-sized Prensados after the CA list dropped, and it was fantastic.  But that was before I had revisited posting on this blog again, so I never wrote a review about it.  It’s been a while now since I smoked one, so I need to go buy another one to smoke and review.  Mainly to review, but also because I want to smoke another one :O

The Tempus was given to me by a friend who told me that it was good, but not as good as the Prensado.  I think that I will have to agree.  The Tempus is a nice box-pressed stick, about the size of a corona.  It started a bit spicy but smoothed out very quickly and produced a woody, most oak, flavored taste.  It was smooth yet flavorful, but not overpowering.  I did notice that once I got down to the band, the smoke started to get hot.  I was disappointed with this because I wanted to smoke it down farther than I was able to.  But I still enjoyed the smoke and would probably pickup a few more sticks if I can find them on sale somewhere.

CAO Brazilia

I was skeptical about this smoke because the last couple of CAO cigars I’d smoked, I didn’t care for.  However, some friends at work kept telling me that I should try the Brazilia and I would like it, so I finally did.

This was a great smoke, I’m pleased to say.  The burn was very even, the ash very white, and the flavor consistent throughout the entire stick.  I tasted leather and hints of spices, maybe some pepper.  The taste was smooth and even throughout the entire smoke, and I never had to re-light the cigar.

I’m happy to have finally found a CAO that I like, so I will be trying more of them soon, and probably picking up a few of these sticks to put in the humidor at home.

CAO VR Torpedo

A friend of mine over at StogieNewb gave me this smoke and asked me to try it.  I let it sit in the humidor for only 2-3 days before I lit it up.  I’ve smoked a few CAO cigars before, but apparently I’ve never blogged about them.  The reason for this might be that they just aren’t really that memorable.  The CAO ‘VR’ holds true to that thought.

The burn was even, and the smoke was plentiful, but overall I thought this was a rather mundane smoke.  I tasted a deep leathery taste, with hints of pepper, especially at the beginning of the cigar.  It was almost dry tasting because of the strong leather flavor.  The cigar is also advertised to contain some sweet hints during the smoke, but I didn’t experience that at all.  I think the over-powering leather taste killed it for me, to be honest.  I kept waiting for it to lighten up and get into a smoother taste but it never did happen.  I find myself enjoying a medium-bold cigar these days, and I think the body of this cigar was fine, but the taste itself just never did grab my interest.

Another friend gave me the CAO Brazilia, so I’ll try that one next and post it here.  I don’t imagine I’ll be picking up another ‘VR’ anytime soon though.

Oliveros Black Knight

This was a stick that a friend gave me who is a fellow herfer.  It is a box-pressed cigar that measures 6×52 with a nice, brown oily finish to the wrapper.  The cigar had plenty of smoke and tasted woody with a hint of spice.  The burn was a bit uneven, and I had to relight it several times towards the end, but I smoked it all the way down to the nub and it never heated up.

This is a good smoke for someone who likes a milder Maduro smoke, or perhaps for someone who is new to cigar smoking.  I’d recommend this stick to new and seasoned smokers, both.

Casa Magna Colorado Diadema

Part of the Top 25 list of 2011, this wasn’t the first cigar from the list I smoked, but it is the first review that I will write, simply because I just started blogging again.

This smoke was even all the way through, which is something I am always impressed with.  If you don’t smoke much, I think you might be surprised on how many cigars change either flavors or temperatures throughout the course of the smoke.  Changing flavors is alright, some people actually give higher points for that, but changing temperatures isn’t right.  The cigar, and the amount of smoke, should stay consistent throughout the entire cigar.

This Colorado Diadema measures 6.75″ with a 54 ring gauge.  I tasted flavors of earth tones and light cedar during the entire cigar.  I was a bit disappointed when it was done, and that is always a good sign.

I can see why Casa Magna is consistent in the Top 25 list.  Some of their smaller sizes are only $5-6, so if you haven’t tried one, I’d recommend it.

WRAPPER: Nicaragua
BINDER: Nicaragua
FILLER: Nicaragua