Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ, Torpedo

I’ve been wanting to try these smokes for a while now, and I am glad that I finally ordered some. I got them from

The cigar started strong with a lot of smoke. It stayed strong all the way to the end, giving good tastes of wood and perhaps some nutty flavor that I couldn’t place. The draw was near perfect. The only thing that disappointed me was that it kept going out. I had to re-light it literally about 10 times during the course of the smoke. I was waiting only 1-3 minutes in between puffs, so it should have stayed lit much better, in my opinion. It could be the fact that I smoked the cigar right when I received it in the mail and if it had been kept in a very moist place, it could have been too humid. So the other 2 sticks I got, I am going to leave in the humidor for a couple of weeks before trying to smoke them again.

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