Oliva Series G 48 Special

I smoked a Series V about a week before I started this blog and I thought it was pretty good, but not as good as some others I have had.  My brother loves it though, so I might try another one soon.

So I picked up this little 4×48 48 Special and smoked it 2 days ago.  It was MUCH tastier than the Robusto Series V I had about 2 weeks earlier.  It was a short smoke, but didn’t burn hot until the very end.  It had good draw and terrific flavor,  woodsy with a hint of spice.  I like it so well that I went and bought one and smoked it the next day.  I am anxious to try to Robusto or Coronado sizes next and see if they measure up to their little brother.  Solid A-

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